Chagpori - Amsterdam

drs. amchi Nel de Jong
Nel de Jong worked as an individual and group therapist from 1975 to1987 when she moved to India for ten years. In 1989, she started to study Tibetan medicine in Dharamsala,
at first as the private student of the Tibetan doctor Barry Clark, and then from 1992 she was enrolled in the five-year training of the Chagpori Tibetan Medial Institute, Darjeeling.
This was followed by five years practical training in herb-collecting, medicine-making and working in clinic in India as well as in Amsterdam, according to the Chagpori tradition.

With the blessing of Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche she opened her own practice in Amsterdam in 1999, and in 2003 was awarded the Chagpori certificate marking the successful completion of her studies.

Article for the 25-year Chagpori jubilee magazine, Nov. 2018 ( klik )